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Protecting the full constitutional rights of Coloradans goes beyond the courtroom. It includes legislative battles at the statehouse to support defendants’ rights. It involves media campaigns to dismantle Colorado’s prison industry and reform sentencing laws. It delves into the classroom to educate the public and future defenders. It means monitoring research to ensure that policy matches knowledge. Since its formation in 2009, the Colorado Criminal Defense Institute (CCDI) has worked zealously in these and other arenas to promote unfettered access to constitutional rights and ensure fair and equal treatment under the law.

The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar created the CCDI as a way to focus on legal education and criminal justice policy development for the public good. CCDI is a standalone, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization but works closely with its parent organization, the defense bar. CCDI is funded by members of the defense bar, as well as Public Welfare Foundation and other organizations.

CDDI’s bylaws call for the organization to protect and insure by rule of law individual rights guaranteed by the Colorado and federal constitutions; to provide and promote scholarship and professional competency in the area of legal representation; investigation in criminal and juvenile defense through publications, education, research, and mutual assistance; and to develop and support policies and practices that ensure fair, just and effective criminal justice and juvenile justice systems.